We don't take chances when it comes to storing fuel, especially for the aviation industry. As a reputable aviation fuel tank manufacturer, we build all our tanks with unwavering quality and meticulous attention to detail. Designed to comply with all current Australian safety regulations, Duntec aviation fuel tanks also have several distinguishing features that make them highly functional, durable and reliable for years to come. Whether you have Avgas or Jet-A1, our tanks have you covered.

Aviation fuel solutions tailored to your specific requirements

Getting the right aviation fuel tank in the right size with the right combination of dispensing systems is a complicated business, but we have the experience to walk you through all of your options. Whether you're located on a remote farm or a busy airstrip at a mining plant, you can be confident that Duntec will supply the appropriate aviation fuel storage and management systems for your business.

Keeping the risk of aviation fuel contamination to a minimum

The main purpose of aviation fuel storage is to prevent contamination. To avoid this, any part of the tank that could come into contact with fuel must be made of stainless steel. The inner tank of our aviation tanks, including fittings, are entirely made of stainless steel. Not only does this meet all safety requirements and is extremely durable, it also gives you complete peace of mind about the tank's overall operational integrity.

We provide complete turn-key fuel solutions tailored to the aviation industry, including:

- Turn-key rural and station systems with integrated 12V Solar and 240V pumping options. 5000 and 10,000 litre options available.
- Light aircraft systems with 24/7 retail payment terminals. 5000 – 55,000 litre options.
- Stainless steel inner tank with stainless steel floating suction.
- Transportable 12,24V and diesel powered pump sets.
- Available in Fireguard 2085 construction for commercial areas without fire hydrants.
- All standard with low-point sampling kits.

Talk to us today about how we can help your aviation business with its fuel requirements.


  • Self bunded with internal tank and external bund.
  • Stainless Steel internal tank.
  • Stainless Steel Floating Suction.
  • Slopping floor with Low point dish for Fuel sampling.
  • Suction foot valve, overfill protection and overfill alarm
  • Fork lift sleeves for ease of transport
  • 1 x Access manholes with internal ladder for maintenance.
  • Bunded pump bay. Lockable on AV12 – AV68
  • Internal ladder for access
  • Air breather vents for free venting.
  • Containment compartment (internal bund) with emergency vent.
  • Calibrated contents dip stick.
  • Interstitial space dip stick.
  • Unit sand blasted to AS2.5
  • Paint coating to C5-1 harsh environment standard, three coats Hempel paint.
  • Statutory signage to suit end use location.
  • Tank manufacture and compliance plates.
  • Designed To: AS1940
  • Built To: AS1692, Cat3


Gross Capacity
Standard SFL