Farming Fuel Systems Ready for Harvesting Season

The harvest season is just beginning in WA! This is the busiest time of the year for farmers so it’s time to make sure that your fuel and machinery, as well as your fuel tanks, are in good shape. It’s important to make sure you have an adequate and uninterrupted fuel supply so you don’t have to carry out any unplanned maintenance and can keep your farm running smoothly until harvesting season is over.

Duntec is prominent in the agriculture community. We have been providing farmers with high-quality farming fuel systems that are safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and delivered efficiently for decades. Most farmers need a readily available and steady supply of fuel for the entire harvesting season. Running fuel up to a farm to refill vehicles can be an arduous, and expensive, process and takes away from the work farmers actually need to be doing. Fuel tanks take away the need for this and provide farmers with a constant supply of fuel during some of their busiest months. 

Self-Bunded Fuel Tank Benefits

Due to the sizing of our tanks, it’s important that they are protected from leakage or rupture. All of our tanks are self-bunded to prevent this. They also have all the proper measures that ensure fuel remains free from potential contaminants. Tanks that are self-bunded save you from spending time and money building bunding structures. When compared to buying a single-walled tank and building a bund, buying a self-bunded tank usually works out to be about half the price. 

At Duntec, we strive to provide a high level of built-in security with our self bunded fuel tanks. Farmers need to dispense the fuel with a pump which can lead to theft. To avoid this the power to the pump can be switched off when the tank is not needed. There are also lockable hatches across every access point. These can be further secured with padlocks. There are also markers that keep track of fuel usage for added security.  

Our farming fuel systems come with 12V, 240V and diesel-powered pump kits. Each tank can be customised to have a high flow hose for tractors and trucks and options to have an ultra-high flow filling hose with a 1.5-inch nozzle. This nozzle can output 200L per minute so large fuel tanks can be refilled efficiently. There are also fuel management systems to make fuel use manageable and easy to account for. 

Duntec and its affiliates have over 55 years of experience providing fuel to thousands of Australians and Australian businesses. We are proudly family-owned. As a leading supplier of fuel to Australia, we take pride in providing superior services and products. Our farm-to-farm expertise and experience can keep your farm running smoothly when the busiest times of the year arrive. No matter what your fuel requirements are, we have you covered. Contact us today for more info!