Mining Fuel Storage Tanks for Fuel Storage on-site

Are you involved in mining and metals? Among your biggest overhead costs are fuel storage tanks. The mining industry relies heavily on diesel storage for its heavy machinery as well as the generators that run remote mining sites. Open-pit mines consume 30 per cent of their energy from haulage, with other equipment consuming another 30 per cent. With the right fuel storage tank, you can reduce your fuel storage associated costs. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximise your fuel storage, either through a mobile fuel storage tank or a large scale bulk fuel farm.

  • Turn-key ready to go fuel storage tank solutions with integrated dispensing kits that can be customised to your specific fuel storage requirements.
  • Reduced onsite installation cost with factory-built linking pipework and electrical wiring harnesses for slave/secondary fuel storage tanks.
  • Fuel management systems with cloud or site-based transaction recording.
  • Auto-tank gauging with remote access from a smartphone or PC.
  • Fuel storage tanks have ISO approved container points and can be transported on a side-lifter trailer reducing transport and onsite cartage costs.

We are a proudly family owned business with over 55 years experience. We are proud to provide superior service and products to the Australian fuel industry.