Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks and The Aviation Industry

Aviation is a sector that has long been incredibly important for Australia. Not only is it important for facilitating the domestic travel of people and freight between Australian states and territories, but it is also important for connecting us to the rest of the world as well.

Each plane requires a significant amount of fuel to complete its journey from one location to another and the fuel used can vary (some examples include jet fuel, avgas (aviation gasoline) and some aeroplanes are even trialling sustainable biofuels). Aviation fuels must be stored in a container that is designed to address the serious risks that contamination and leaks can present and that is why some airports use self bunded fuel tanks.


Self Bunded Fuel Tanks Explained

Self bunded fuel tanks are above ground fuel storage tanks, usually made from high quality and durable steel, that are designed to safely hold significant amounts of fuel. Importantly, self bunded fuel tanks have an inner and outer tank, with a gap in between which is intended to catch leakages and spillages.

Self bunded fuel tanks are commonly used by regional airports, aeromedical rescue services, aerial firefighting planes as well as purpose-built mining airports to reduce the time and resources needed to leave the premises to refuel.

Duntec has been supplying self bunded fuel tanks to the Western Australian aviation industry since our establishment in 2013. Our tanks are made from high-grade stainless steel (meaning they can withstand Australia’s harsh conditions) and range from 5,000 litres to 55,000 litres. They are designed and manufactured to adhere to Australian Standards.

Our tanks are easy to install and dispense fluids and are transportable by road and rail. They are also available in Fireguard UL2085 construction for commercial areas without fire hydrants.

For more information on our aviation fuel tanks, please visit this page or contact us if you would like to discuss the needs and requirements of your aviation businesses.