Self Bunded Fuel Tanks and The Mining Industry

Mining is a critical industry in Australia. It supports the employment of approximately 267,800 persons (according to Australian Bureau of Statistics seasonally adjusted data) and is responsible for delivering the metals, minerals and materials which we rely on for everyday life.

Most mining operations rely on significant amounts of fuel (primarily diesel) to conduct standard operations.

Diesel is commonly required for powering trucks and other vehicles, certain equipment (such as diesel generators which are used to produce electricity) and large, heavy-duty machinery such as excavators, loaders and diggers.

Mine operators must have access to fuel somewhere on-site so that they can refuel when needed and do not have to waste unnecessary time, money and resources travelling off-site to and from refuelling stations (sometimes hundreds of kilometres away). This is why many operators have self-bunded fuel tanks on their mining sites.


What are self bunded fuel tanks?

Self bunded fuel tanks are fuel storage tanks that have an inner and outer tank with a gap in between. The gap between tanks is designed to catch any leaks and spills to reduce loss of product and environmental and safety risks.

Most self bunded fuel tanks are capable of storing significant amounts of liquids, with their capacity usually ranging from anywhere between 1,000 and 150,000 litres.


Why choose a self-bunded fuel tank from Duntec?

Duntec Self Bunded Fuel Tanks is a Western Australian and family-owned business with more than 55 years of experience delivering high-quality service and products to the mining and minerals industry.

Our self-bunded tanks are turn-key ready to go solutions with integrated dispensing kits that can be customised to your specific requirements. They have a tough double-walled steel construction that can withstand Australia’s harsh conditions and are designed and manufactured to meet strict Australian Standards. They can also be relocated on-site and via. road and rail for when project requirements change and evolve.

If you are interested in a Duntec self bunded tank please contact us and we can discuss your individual project needs and requirements.