The Benefits Of Owning A Fuel Tank Rather Than Renting One

It can be advantageous for some companies (particularly those in the resources, agriculture, aviation and transportation industries) to own a self-bunded fuel tank, rather than borrow or rent one. Some of the reasons why are highlighted in the points below:

Cost Effective

Whilst the upfront cost of purchasing a self-bunded fuel tank can be high, for some businesses with large-scale, long-term projects in the same location (e.g. mining operations planned to run for many years) it can often prove to be more cost-effective to make the initial investment and readily have access to fuel when it is needed rather than paying a reoccurring rental fee.

Additionally, as fuel prices are constantly fluctuating, owning a self bunded fuel tank can help you to take advantage of cheaper fuel when it is available.

Greater Control

Owning a self-bunded fuel tank can give your business control over the type of fuel utilised in the tank, as when you rent a fuel tank you are often required to use the fuel that the rental company offers. This is particularly important for companies with fuel requirements or those that must adhere to specific industry regulations.


Preparation For Emergency Situation

Owning a self-bunded fuel tank provides companies with a secure and readily available source of fuel in the event of an emergency or unexpected power outage, which can help to minimise unplanned and costly downtime.

If you are interested in purchasing a self bunded fuel tank or diesel storage tank, please contact Duntec today. We have over 55 years of experience in refuelling systems, distribution and storage, and have the industry expertise needed to provide the right bunded fuel tank system for our customers.