What is a Self-Bunded Fuel Tank?

A self-bunded tank, also known as a double-walled fuel tank, is a specialised storage container designed to safely store and transport fuels such as diesel and petrol. It consists of an inner tank that holds the fuel and an outer tank that acts as a protective barrier. This dual wall prevents leakage caused by damage or failure of the inner tank. Not only does this reduce contamination but also the loss of fuel.

Benefits of Using Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

Self-bunded fuel tanks are commonly made of steel and are available in various sizes to cater to different fuel storage needs. They offer a bulk fuel storage solution with several advantages, including durability, increased safety, flexibility and cost savings.


The main advantage of a self-bunded fuel tank is its durable design. Their steel double wall keeps the tank’s contents secure. The tank’s structure protects against leakages.

If the inner tank were to leak, the outer tank would contain the spillage and prevent it from spilling outside the tank. Fuel remains free from contaminants that could otherwise enter the fuel supply.

Cost Savings

Storing your fuel on-site reduces the time and resources used leaving the premises to refuel vehicles or machinery. Self-bunded tanks also have a higher safe fuel limit than standard tanks of similar capacity. This means your tank can last longer between refills. 


A self-bunded tank is a drop-and-go option. Not only can you use your fuel tank immediately, but you can also easily transport it to another site. Our smaller self bunded fuel cube tanks are able up to 10,000 litres while also being able to be transported using a forklift.

Our FT Series tanks can store up to 120,000 litres for operators with high fuel turnover. Self-bunded tanks can be made to suit the needs of the individual business. For example, a freight and logistics business may need a larger diesel fuel tank while an agriculture farm might prefer a smaller more transportable tank.

Duntec Self-Bunded Fuel Tank Solutions

Duntec is an industry leader in providing self-bunded fuel tanks to Perth and WA. We supply our FT Series Fuel Tanks and refuelling systems to an array of industries across Western Australia. Because the fuel storage requirement differs so much for each industry, Duntec collaborates with our customers to deliver a custom and high-quality product. 

No matter what fuel storage needs you may have, we have you covered. For information on our fuel storage solutions, contact Duntec today.