How Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks Improve On Fuel Storage Technology

Self-bunded fuel tanks represent a marked improvement in fuel storage technology when compared to their single-walled ancestors. 

In lieu of a concrete or earth bund built around a single-walled fuel tank, a self-bunded fuel tank is instead a tank within a tank. Self-bunded tanks provide a much more practical fuel storage solution for several applications and industries.

Practicality of a Self-Bunded Tank

The double-walled nature of self-bunded tanks removes the need in most cases for the concrete or earth bunds typically built around single-walled fuel tanks as the outer tank serves that purpose.

Without the need to construct a costly and sizeable concrete bund around the tank, users of a self-bunded tank can be more efficient with their use of space, save money, and reduce the likelihood of any external rainwater contamination issues. It also improves the mobility of the tank, as it can be moved when needed without requiring a concrete bund to be constructed in each location.

This improved mobility and size efficiency allows self-bunded tanks to be used for additional applications.

The Applications of Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

The practicality of self-bunded fuel tanks allows them to be used in different ways than traditional single-walled tanks when containing hazardous liquids. 

In project work where on-site fuel storage may be a temporary necessity, self-bunded tanks are a quick, drop-and-go solution. Allowing project teams to more efficiently access required fuel, by simply hiring a self-bunded fuel tank as needed and removing it when finished. Reducing the cost of installing a fuel storage solution for their project and the time and cost associated with transporting their equipment for refuelling purposes.

Another benefit of the practical mobility of a self-bunded tank is the ability to have self-bunded fuel trailers. A self bunded diesel fuel trailer, for example, could be an ideal solution for a farmer needing an on-site supply of diesel to power their farming equipment. When necessary they can transport the trailer themself to refuel it. Saving time and money on fuel transportation.

Ideal Industries for Self-Bunded Tanks

While improved fuel contamination prevention is beneficial to any fuel storage application, self-bunded fuel tanks are of even greater value to certain industries. Preventing fuel contamination in the Agriculture, Aviation and Mining industries is of paramount importance. 

Preventing contamination of both the environment around your tank and the fuel inside, is imperative, for your safety and legal obligations. Making self-bunded fuel tanks the ideal solution.

The double walled steel nature of a self-bunded fuel tank, provides the inner tank with greater protection from the outside world than a single-walled tank, reducing the likelihood that any inner tank leaks take place let alone escape the outer tank. Safeguarding the environment outside the tank from any spills.

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